Unlimited Free, find and track your family, staff, and your friend easily and secure.

Uroundme is a mobile app which can find and track the people in your contact list with their mobile phone gps data. Uroundme is the most synchronized and simple tracking application amongst others.

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Features you love


Easy to register only with your phone number with one step. Simple, fast and user-friendly windows. With native interface and simple menu you can adapt easily.


Customize your personal settings(Name, Nick, status) and change your follow up (Track me) settings and period definition


Your personal location data send with secure protocols. Only you decide to tracking you.

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Discover our App

Uroundme application is frequently updated and can be use recent ios version.

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Do more with our app


Tracking history

See detailed tracking history.

In uroundme mobile application, it is shown detailed tracking history, the location points in the map, you can find time and before duration in the dialog boxes.

Enterprise and business versions feature are developing...

Tracking group - Business

Create your own business, friend or family group.

This feature are going to develop.

Coming soon...


Maps route

Detailed maps route

You can search and see detailed maps route and history

Coming soon...

Live tracking when you needed

With the live tracking option you can see your relational people live.

With 2 seconds period you can see your children, where they are.

Coming soon...

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Launch your App

Download and use with simple menus easily.

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    Create an Account

    Only with your phone number you can register with our system. We send you a password with SMS message.

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    Share with friends

    You can invite your friends and relation with Uround.me application. In contacts tab, click one contact, see the details of invite

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    Secure your life

    You can configure your tracking settings easily. In settings tab there is a "track me" switch with an off and on option. Under the switch with Period segment, you can decide your tracking period.


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Upgrade to Pro

    Unlimited People Tracking
    Unlimited day history
    Full functionality
    Basic Support
    Group tracking
    Live tracking
    Reports and analytics
    Unlimited People Tracking
    Unlimited day history
    Premium Support
    Group tracking
    Live tracking
    Reports and analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uroundme application is trial?

No! After 23.10.2018 Uroundme application would be free, unlimited person you can add from your contact list to uroundme app. You should only invite them with in the app.

What payment methods do you accept?

Availible soon.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, if you want to change your tracking plan, you can communicate with our supporters.

Do you have a contract?

Availible soon.

Download for IOS now.

Available for all major mobile and desktop platforms. Rapidiously visualize optimal ROI rather than enterprise-wide methods of empowerment.

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above coming soon...

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